Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Many people have trouble with there latency (or lag) , and it can ruin a good game of battlefield. If you are one of those people that is always getting kicked from servers because of your ping. You are not alone, infact most people have had trouble with there ping at some point.

"thats great but how do I solve the problem?"

There are many ways to improve your latency, here are the main ones:

  • Check your cpu, if it is near the minimum requirements for battlefield it may be a good idea to improve them.
  • Improve your internet connection, buying a better bandwidth with your supplier is guranteed to improve your latency.

"Do you honestly think im made of money"

Believe me I know what its like to be tight on money, so dont worry if you dont have the dosh "there is always a way":

  • If your computer is connected to your internet directly through a cable, then check to make sure there are no knots in the cable (yes that may sound stupid but it actualy does work) or other damages to the cable.
  • If you are using wireless, inceasing the strength i.e. go closer to the router.

If you are still having problems contact your supplier (on there free number ofcourse) or email me, im always ready to help a fellow gamer.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Classic Stupid Gamer

If you have seen the 'The Classic Stupid Gamer' then you have probably gone to your nearest friendly battleifeld forum and posted somthing along the lines of "Wtf WHy!!???!" or somthing along those lines. Your not alone, infact at some point we have all encountered this particular gamer.

Ill run you through somthing that happened to me, "Driving along in my to get to that cp...ahh look theres a fellow teammate ill pick him up, I could use the help. So I pull over next to this guy, I cant remember his name so lets just call him 'Mr Smacktard', I shout get in, get in,get in! and he clims in. So i speed up, Faster faster got to get to the capture point...almost there "AHHhhhh....." what??!! what was that? You have been punished for a teamkill...and you can imagine my response to this, disbelief, turns to anger, followed by a scream, a scream that could be heard throughout the town, "WTF???!?!??"

So yes you can guess what happened since it has probably happened to you to, Mr smacktard decided he didnt want to go with me to this cp. So the dusty gears came into life as he thought about jumping out if this decision was a maths problem it would go somthing like this... he jumps out, and I acidentally run him down as he jumps out. So in the mind of Mr Smacktard without hesitation he comes to the conclusuion that its my fault and with a reflex that only practice could bring you, yep you guessed it, he punishes me.

Fellow gamers you are not alone, we all have to encounter Mr Smacktard everyday, the advice I can give you is simple. Rise Above It. Yes sometimes you feel like punishing the next guy that acidentally teamkills you but dont. Because eventually if we keep a passive resitance up, eventually Mr Smacktard and his friends will die out!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Im getting people saying to me that its not worth $50 in america, dont be put off by this. Yes it is true that BF 2142 is a professoinal mod of BF2, and yes its not a true new game. But it is like a new game. It feels fresh and it feels new. Everything that you would associate with a new game, it has. It has style, its fun, its fresh! BF 2142 is a must buy for any gamer! If you have played battlefield or not. convinced? I can almost here you shouting at your monitors, "NO!" Ok there is still hope for ye of little faith, if you havent all ready, try the demo. It will set your mind at rest that this Game is definetly worth buying, even if it is the same price as your normal game. Please Please my friends, be put off by the content (if you dont like the game fair enough), but dont be put off by the price, its well worth it!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My email

If you are reading my blog please give me some feed back through my email its always nice to chat to fellow gamers.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BF 2142

As everyone of you should be aware bf 2142 came out last week and after many hours of playing the demo I can say I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the game. As much as I was very sceptical about the whole 'futuristic' thing I think its going to work well and I look forward to gunning people down in the immense mechs!!!

For those of you interested here is what some of the well know reviewers gave it:

-PC ZONE 86/100

-GAMESPOT 8.1/10

-IGN 8.4/10

Click on the links to see what they said about it.

Very Interesting Reads

Monday, October 30, 2006

Unfortunetly for my first post I thought I would write about somthing we all know and hate. Teamkilling, picture this- 3...2...1...spawn I look to my right where the attack helicopter is, I think to myself "yes i am near it!" racing towards it shift button held down...almost there. I am holding E now, my sprint bar is running out,jump and Im in. The whirr of the rotor blades comming into life, grasping my overused joystick (yes I use the helicopter far to much). With a slight glint of dtermination in my eye I hold the W key down far to hard, power is nearly to full... almost taken off... BANG!!! have been killed "what!!?!?!?". Squinting into the top left part of the screen, I can make out Billy no teamates teamkills Verto arghhhh...sigh.
I know ill start a kick vote that will teach him...nope no one is voting him out...sigh.

Has this ever happened to you?

I hate teamkillers dont you?

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The question would come to anyones mind, why? Why make a blog about battlefield simple, I love it, and if you do? Make sure to check my blog for updates, soon it will be full of battlefield talk. Think of it as a text podcast if you like. Anyway stay tuned.